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Case studies property and development financce

Inexperienced developers
£2.5 million loan

Our clients had no previous development experience, but planned to construct a mixed development of 25 units.

They had been turned down by several lenders, but we sourced £2.5million loan for them.

Refinance of a part completed development
£3 million development loan

A client's project had over run and an investor needed some funds returned. The high street bank funding the development was slow to respond. We sourced a £3m facility to immediately repay the high street bank and the third party investor.

The facility was also sufficient to cover the remaining development
costs. Getting a funder to support a scheme that has started is very difficult and required careful presentation of the case to selective lenders.

Challenging planning consents
£250,000 bridging loan

Our client was able to acquire a piece of land subject to planning once we had sourced a bridging loan.

Despite difficult planning conditions on the property, the lender rolled the amount into a £1.4million development loan.

Large scale development finance in Luton
£3.5m Bridging Loan followed by additional £9m development loan

We helped source a bridging loan within 2 weeks for the client when his initial investors pulled out at short notice. The development finance covered 100% of build costs for over 80 units.

We worked closely with the client to fully understand the project allowing us to identify appropriate lenders and facilitate the process to
a successful completion.

Development in Scotland
£7million development loan

We arranged the conversion of a bridging loan into a £7 million development loan, on a 300 acre site in Scotland with future developments planned.