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Case Study, May 2020

Fast Flexible Finance Facility

The Client

Our client is an experienced landlord with a multi-million-pound property portfolio. Anticipating opportunity to purchase below market value over the next 12 to 24 months, he wanted to put in place a flexible finance facility that would enable quick completions on new acquisitions.

The Case

After assessing our client's portfolio, we advised him to put in place a revolving credit facility (RCF), these are sometimes known as a hunting license.

A hunting license is a flexible line of credit secured against a property portfolio that provides quick access to funds. It allows the investor to move quickly and has a range of uses which include, auction purchases, to fund a deposit, to fund an extension, refurbishment and improvement, new property purchase, refinance or working capital for a business.

As our client's portfolio was a considerable size, we worked closely with the client and the lender to ensure the case moved seamlessly through the underwriting process. We secured a flexible finance facility at a rate that outperformed the standard bridging loan rates our client had previously been using. We were also able to source lower compliance and set up costs with no non-usage fees.

The Solution

The client now has a facility of £500,000 in place, it has aided in his negotiations on a pipeline of key investments. He has been able to commit to funds and move towards completion quickly, in the knowledge that funds are readily available.

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Flexible Finance Facility

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